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Battlestar Galactica и Battlestar Galactica: Pegasus Expan
Horus Heresy
Chaos in the Old World
Reiner Knizia's INGENIOUS, Ingenious: Travel Edition а так же НОВИНКА Ingenious Challenges
Middle Earth Quest
Micro Mutants: Evolution - Блошки возвращаются)))
Дополнения для Старкрафта: Starcraft: Brood War Expansion
Letter of Marque
Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition и дополнение Twilight Imperium: Shattered Empire
Дополнение к приключенческой игре Талисман: Talisman: The Frostmarch Expansion
Долгожданный Lord of the Rings - БАЗА
а так же доплнения: Tannhauser: Gorgei, Tannhauser: Union Troop Pack, Tannhauser: Reich Troop Pack
Doom: The Board Game на английском языке
Дополнения к настольной игре World of Warcraft: World of Warcraft: Shadow of War и World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade
Дополнения к Настольной Игре Ужас Уркхэма: Arkham Horror: Dunwich Horror Exp, Arkham Horror: King in Yellow Expa, Arkham Horror: Kingsport Horror Exp, Arkham Horror: the Lurker at the Thr,
Дополнения к Настольной Игре Descent: Descent: Road to Legend Expansion, Descent: Altar of Despair Expansion, Descent: Sea of Blood, Descent: Sea of Blood Ocean Map
Дополнениz к Игре Престолов ЖКИ:
AGOT LCG: Return of the Others, AGOT LCG: Illyrio's Gift, AGOT LCG: Rituals of R'hllor, AGOT LCG: Mountains of the Moon, AGOT LCG: Kings of the Storm.
Call of Cthulhu LCG: Core Set - Базовая Игра
И дополнения к ней:
CoC LCG Asylum Deck: Twilight, CoC LCG Asylum Deck: In Memory, CoC LCG Asylum Deck: In the Drea, CoC LCG Asylum Deck: Search for, CoC LCG Asylum Deck: Sleep of the, CoC LCG Asylum Deck: Journey to, CoC LCG: Secrets of Arkham Expan, CoC LCG Asylum Deck: Whispers in, CoC LCG Asylum Deck: Murmurs, CoC LCG Asylum Deck: The Spoke, CoC LCG Asylum Deck: The Wailer, CoC LCG Asylum Deck: Screams fr
Дополнения к Настольной Игре Runebound 2-е издание: Runebound: Frozen Wastes , Runebound: Mists of Zanaga, Runebound: The Cataclysm, Runebound: Beasts and Bandits, Runebound: Traps and Terrors, Runebound: Weapons of Legend, Runebound: Rituals and Runes, Runebound: Cult of the Rune, Runebound: Shadows of Margath, Runebound: Walkers of the Wild, Runebound: Champions of Kellos, Runebound: Blade Dancer Class Dec, Runebound: Shadow Walker Class D, Runebound: Runemaster Class Deck, Runebound: Relics of Legend, Runebound: Island of Dread Expansi
Warhammer: Invasion LCG Core Set
А также дополнения к ней: WH LCG: The Skavenblight Threat, WH LCG: Path of the Zealot, WH LCG: Tooth and Claw, WH LCG: The Deathmaster's Dance, WH LCG: The Warpstone Chronicles, WH LCG: Arcane Fire, WH LCG: Assault on Ulthuan, WH LCG: The Burning of Dericksbur, WH LCG: The Fall of Karak Grimaz, WH LCG: The Silent Forge, WH LCG: Redemption of a Mage
Warhammer FRPG 3rd Ed.Core Game set А также дополнения к ней: Warhammer FRPG Extra Dice Set, Warhammer FRPG: Winds of Mag, Warhammer FRPG: The Edge of Nig, Warhammer FRPG: Signs of Faith


Dust Tactic Core Set
Mad Zeppelin
City of Thieves
Art of GRRM's A Song of Ice & Fire - Прекрасная книга с тематическими иллюстрациями.
Inkognito The Card Game
MagBlast Third Edition

Будут снова доступны протекторы: BG Sleeves Mini American (Pack), BG Sleeves Mini European (Pack), BG Sleeves Std American (Pack), BG Sleeves Std European (Pack)